Alcoholics Anonymous

City Group

City Contact Centre,
Basement, 15 McKillop Street

Melbourne, Australia

Drinking Problem?

Ph 1300 222 222

If you think you have a drinking problem and want to do something about it, call in and find out about Alcoholics Anonymous in Melbourne.
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About Us

Monday 12:30pm
Bank of Sobriety AA Group
Monday 2:30pm
McKillop St Miracles AA Group
Tuesday 2:30pm
Scratch Meeting
City AA Group
Wednesday 12:30pm
Bank of Sobriety AA Group
Wednesday 2:30pm
Scratch Meeting
City AA Group
Thursday 2:30pm
TwoThirty Recovery AA Group
Thursday 7:00pm
Gay & Lesbian Big Book Study
Friday 12:30pm
Bank of Sobriety AA Group
Friday 2:30pm
Scratch Meeting
City AA Group
Friday 5:00pm
It'll Be Right AA Group
Saturday 10:00am
Open for all members
The Deal AA Group

What is the City Contact Centre?

The City Contact Centre is a place in the city where people who think they have a problem with alcohol can come and find out about Alcoholics Anonymous. Anyone can come in and have a cup of coffee and chat about what AA is and whether it can help.

A place for AA members

As well, the centre is a place where members of Alcoholics Anonymous can meet with each other over a cup of coffee in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and share their experience, strength and hope.


The venue is also available for AA Groups to hold regular meetings. A variety of AA meetings are held at the venue at various times. A meeting schedule is available at the centre.

Each of the groups running meetings is an autonomous self supporting Group of AA with its own group conscience.

Who runs the centre?

The day to day running of the Centre is handled by the City Group of AA. This group is an autonomous group just like any other AA group. It is made up of AA members trying to carry the AA message to other Alcoholics. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. The centre is opened and run each day by a roster of experienced AA volunteers.


The City Group is not affiliated with any outside organization. We are self-supporting, declining outside contributions; and we are non-professional, offering only the voluntary support of one alcoholic helping another.


The group cooperates with other AA groups and service bodies in Melbourne. The City Group is listed with The National Office of AA in Australia, and the group supports the AA Office in Prahran.

The AATimes lists AA groups and events in Melbourne. And you can find Australian AA Meetings here. You can find other Alcoholics Anonymous Websites here.

Our purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.
Donations to the AA City Group are welcome from Alcoholics Anonymous Members.
Alcoholics Anonymous is self-supporting and does not seek or accept contributions from non-members.